Pullout Faucet

Kitchen pullout faucets are the most popular style of kitchen faucets on the market. Castle Bay faucet has a multitude of kitchen pullout styles including stainless with spray attachments. All Castle Bay faucets are made of solid 100% stainless steel construction, which is far more superior than any brass construction faucets in the market.

A distinctive, angular handle adds a well-chosen detail to this beautifully-designed kitchen series, with the understanding that when it comes to contemporary style, less is always more. Just as creating a great meal begins with choosing the right ingredients, great contemporary kitchens begin with Hudson Series.

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FilterWater Faucet

Exceedingly useful. Exceptionally creative.

Great-tasting water is always at your fingertips with Castle Bay's new FilterWater faucets. Thanks to the innovative water filtration process, you can really taste the difference. Eliminate the expense of bottled water, and at the same time, enhance your kitchen's functionality and appearance. Pullout faucets with drinking function is now all combined together in a creative design of our FilterWater faucets. Visit Castle Bay's official website at www.castlebaysinks.com for more information and stay tuned for the launching.

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Linkage Drainer Switch Faucet

Faucet Revoloution- The Castle Bay linkage switch drainer faucet is already capturing the attention of designers across Canada. You simply press the button on the faucet, and it will drain the water away. Really easy!

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Lighted Faucet

Every year Castle Bay introduces the newest innovative products to customers across Canada and USA. This year at the design shows, we will unveil a major breakthrough - the lighted faucet. Watch in amazement as the water changes color according to the temperature of the water. One of the smartest revolution in faucet design for the last decade.

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Enamel Faucet

Add a Touch of Character

Artistic can be expressed in many forms and means. Imagination is the key to our sucess. Classic enamel looks great for decades. Now you can express yourself with the decorated enamel faucets with great patterns ranging from tiny flowers to a flying dragon.

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Bathroom Space

Our new bathroom series products present the bold and contempoary designs that deviates from the traditional norms. It embraces the celebration of detail, variety, sensuality and vibrant energy. The entire collection is characterized by flowing transitions, soft shapes and gentle curves.

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